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thesaurus implementation?

thesaurus implementation?

Tuesday 13 May 2003 5:12:39 pm - 3 replies


I am wondering whether or not a fairly complex thesaurus (multilingual, searchable) can be integrated into eZ Publish? I have been trying to find any info on this and have been unsuccessful. The thesaurus will have been created before adding it to the CMS. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

Tuesday 13 May 2003 5:45:00 pm

You could write an operator to do this. Shouldn't take too long.

Tuesday 13 May 2003 9:35:00 pm

You can start with the glossary operator (contributed) and let it operate on the glossary node tree itself. That's the way we intend to get some thesaurus like functionality.

Grab the code, make your changes and publish back here if you need more.


Monday 02 June 2003 11:05:24 pm

that would be really cool, please post that in the contribution area if you succeed in making it.


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