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Tips on a huge site

Tips on a huge site

Thursday 28 April 2011 4:27:03 pm - 2 replies

Hi to all…


I am planning to make a really huge site, the National Library of my country.


My starting estimate is 2 million images, 1 million Pdf´s, this will grow in the next years to come to several millions....


Although I am using Ez for 11 years now, I think I should ask ez crew… Can I?


Any tips I should take into consideration? Upgrade to higher ez versions is a must... So any ideas on how to keep all tidy and clean!




Wish me luck
"Deseenme suerte"

Friday 29 April 2011 9:20:08 am


Take a look at eZ Find for assistance here. If a large portion of those objects don't need to be edited anymore, eZ Find's archive management can handle the job. See:

As I recall eZ Find's archive can handle far more than than you'll need.

Tuesday 03 May 2011 2:20:51 pm

Some reverse proxy cache could help as well: Nginx or Varnish.


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