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Transaction error when deleting nodes with an image attribute

Transaction error when deleting nodes with an image attribute

Friday 08 June 2012 12:35:15 pm - 5 replies

eZ Publish 4.5.

I get the following error when moving a node with an image attribute to trash.

<strong>Fatal error</strong>: A database transaction in eZ Publish failed.
The current execution was stopped to prevent further problems.
You should contact the System Administrator of this site with the information on this page.
The current transaction ID is <strong>TRANSID-004ffc668723650a05e26f25c146abc1</strong> and has been
Please include the transaction ID and the current URL when contacting the system administrator

Although no error occurs if I delete the node permantaly (e.g. deselect "Move to trash" ). The error log outputs the following:

var/log/error.log:[ Jun 08 2012 12:13:36 ] [::1] eZDBInterface::commit TRANSID-681300a16966015163e8d37c41510091:var/log/error.log:Transaction in progress failed due to DB error, transaction was rollbacked. Transaction ID is TRANSID-681300a16966015163e8d37c41510091.


Has anyone experienced anything similar? Or have any thoughts on what may be causing this error?

Many thanks!

Modified on Friday 08 June 2012 12:35:52 pm by Fredrik Tidemann

Monday 11 June 2012 11:32:49 am

You have ezpublish updated?

Monday 11 June 2012 12:43:25 pm

The site is running eZ Publish 4.5. Please let me know if there are any important updates to install.

Monday 11 June 2012 6:12:17 pm

I am not sure, but it exist a upgrade script to remove the images in the trash because after the upgrade it isn't possible to restore this images. seems there are some changes done.

Tuesday 12 June 2012 8:52:49 am

Good point. Do you remember what the script is called? Maybe it is trashpurge.php?

Tuesday 12 June 2012 8:58:17 am

removetrashedimages.php in /update/common/scripts/4.6


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