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Translate a site via database dump - searchable words?

Translate a site via database dump - searchable words?

Thursday 06 November 2003 7:45:31 pm - 1 reply

I would like to ask one of my friends to translate my website (eZp 3.2). He don't has cheap internet-access, so that was my idea: I create a "translation" of the nodes (in the admin interface), and I put a QQQ (or something unique) before every sentence to be translated. Then I send the database dump to my friend, he searches for QQQ-s, makes the translation, and finally I fill back the database.

The problem is that the ezsearch_word table won't be filled this way. I tried to modify some words after this "reload" - in hope that the system will recognize some new words - but there was no change in the ezsearch_word table.

What is the way to make eZp to generate records in ezsearch_word?

(I tried to examine kernel/search/plugins/ezsearchengine/ezsearchengine.php, but I couldn't find out, how it works. array_diff( $indexArrayOnlyWords, $existingWordArray) must be some important moment, but why was not I able to make it generate new records...?)

Thursday 06 November 2003 10:18:37 pm

Hi Zoltan,

there is a php script in the distribution called updatesearchindex.php (in update/common/scripts). I think, when you run this script from your ezpublish document root folder, it should re-index all objects.


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