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Translate jquery plugin label

Translate jquery plugin label

Thursday 10 January 2013 10:50:43 pm - 1 reply

Hi all,

I'm using a jquery plugin to handle a form. Some of the options of the plugin are "backlabel" and "nextlabel". They have the values "Previous" and "Next". The plugin generates the html code with them, like this:

 <a id="multipage2-back-1" href="javascript:void(0);" class="button-back">Back</a>

... How do I translate this labels using i18n function?!

Any ideas?! ...

Thanks in advance!


Modified on Thursday 10 January 2013 11:01:02 pm by João Duarte

Friday 11 January 2013 9:49:54 am

You could extend plugin by passing external variables with translated labels piped over i18n template operator or look for DOM element availability e.g with id="multipage2-back-1" (as long as it is unique per page) and change innerHTML with translated content. 


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