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Uploads seem to die?

Uploads seem to die?

Thursday 06 May 2010 5:53:26 pm - 3 replies

We've had something bizarre happen - ezPublish just stopped uploading files. It seems to upload a partial amount of the file (~100-150kB) but then it dies stops. Sometimes it realizes something's happened and tried to resend it... but the same thing happens.

I've used it to upload 2MB files before with no issues, and there's been no change to any of the config *or* the OS.

I've checked the various parameters in PHP and apache has no limit on the requestbody parameter. I've confirmed this with phpinfo().

Anyone else ever seen this behaviour?

Thursday 06 May 2010 6:38:19 pm

This might be a silly question, but have you run out of disk space?

Thursday 06 May 2010 7:03:18 pm

Huh, I never even thought of that.

I just checked; there's >60GB free. I don't think that's a problem.

Friday 07 May 2010 1:21:32 am

Okay, after hours of troubleshooting I discovered the NIC on the server went bad. Failing to autonegotiate as well as tons of CRC errors.


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