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URGENT - No email sent after User Registration

URGENT - No email sent after User Registration

Monday 06 July 2015 2:05:43 am - 2 replies


I have set up a new install of eZPublish Community (11.04) and everything was successful. Next, I set up a new User under the "Editor" group using the Admin Panel, this was also successful. 

However, when I try to register a new user through the registration tab on the front page, I get a successful message, and it tells me that an email will be sent out and I need to follow the instructions contained in the email. This email did not arrive. I tried it first using localhost, and then again after uploading the site to my server. 

Is there anything else that needs to be configured for this to work?

At the moment I can see the profile in my dashboard, but it is showing as "disabled".


Thanks in advance



Monday 06 July 2015 9:13:13 am

Email not being sent can fail in a lot of places, but the first thing to do is look at the mail log on your server to see if a mail even went out...  or if you are doing a remote smtp server, look in whatever bounce/fail mailbox to see if the mail is there and what the reason would be for it to fail.  There should be some explanation to why it failed.  If that's the case then fix your mail server settings and try from the command line - if you can't send mail from your system then eZPublish isn't going to be able to do it either.

If there is nothing in the logs look in <ez_root>/var/log/mail - if that directory exists and your mail is there, then this is set:


You'll then want to set that to sendmail or SMTP as appropriate.

If it is in the logs and looks like it mailed out fine, look in the spam mailbox of the receiver and check the bounce mailbox for the sender because chances are then that a mail port was blocked on the ISP level or your receiving mail server rejected the mail silently for some reason.

Sunday 12 July 2015 4:34:21 pm

Hi Steven.
Thank you for your reply. Sorry I didn't respond straight away. Another paid project cam in and took my attention away from this.
It doesn't seem that anything has been sent out according to my logs. I am not very technical more of a frontend guy with knowledge f some Symfony basics, but also I have checked for the <ez_root>/var/log/mail and there mail does not exist within the log directory. . I have checked the spam as well but nothing there.
Can I ask whether a fresh insatall of eZ ould be set by default to not send out this email? I would have expected the default to be that the registration email is active?
So from here, you suggested using
and changing it to  sendmail or SMTP. If mail doesn't exist, should this go somewhere else?
I also found VerifyUserMail on this link but I am not sure where in the framework this should be added / changed. Can you suggest something for that?
I would be extremely grateful if you could help me get this sorted out.
Many thanks


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