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URL translator and PathPrefix

URL translator and PathPrefix

Thursday 26 November 2009 4:08:41 pm - 1 reply


I use a PathPrefix but it seems to be uncompatible with the user of url translator that seem to only work if I set the PathPrefix to null or if I add my url_translator to The PathPrefixExclude Varibles in site.ini.

Wildcards are working but not url translator. Am i missing something?

ps : i tried to use wildcards instead but my goal was to create several links to differents sitemap for ex

sitemap > content/view/sitemap/200

sitemap_second_site > content/view/sitemap/2000

but because "sitemap" is contained in "sitemap_second_site", the second wildcard won't work..

Tuesday 08 December 2009 10:37:22 pm

Got same issue, multiple siteaccess with different rootnode. I did not find any way to


  • site1.ecedi.loc/sitemap point to content/view/sitemap/120
  • site2.ecedi.loc/sitemappoint to content/view/sitemap/144

If you got a solution, i'm interested

My only solution is to create a module that implement a sitemap view that account the siteaccess rootNode. Quite heavy for such a simple feature


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