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"Useless" forums here...

"Useless" forums here...

Wednesday 02 April 2003 1:18:51 pm - 8 replies

eZ-guys: The forums are now very hard to keep track of... Aka new additions since last check.

- Threading
- Date/timestamps (in frontpage-extract, topiclists, and in searchresults)

...would be nice. I know others have asked for it, but you'll not die if I mention it too happy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 02 April 2003 2:44:16 pm

Hi Atle,

I agree that the forums are very difficult to use right now.

For example
- to get a list of recent posts you always have to go to the separate forum menu entry
- no sending of emails
- list with threads has no date stamp and is sorted according to first entry in thread (should be sorted according to last entry of thread, i.e. bump threads up if new answer is there)
- quoting dos not seem to work
- no automatic subject + RE:
- searching does not seem to work (I just entered "link" into the search box and it didn't yield any results).

But I think that the ez crew is working on improving this and we should expect an upgrade soon.


Wednesday 02 April 2003 5:25:57 pm

Yes, It is very difficult to keep track of comments,replied etc. You need to keep a document with the forum toipics you posted too so you can go back, but i am sure i have lost some and there is someone waiting for a reply I have promised but not given because it is lost.

eZteam: Can you tell us the roadmap for forum development (notification addition etc happy.gif Emoticon. If you can, what parts are just template changes tpl code etc and used for the eZ site and what elements will be available for us to use in our sites.

Friday 04 April 2003 1:58:48 am

and in the search, it automatically excludes 3 letter words, so you can't search for the term php... and this is a php content management forum, lol

Friday 04 April 2003 10:06:28 am

It looks to me like the search function has a list of "useless" words to search for. Searching for php or ez doesn't return anything. If those terms did return something, it would return a lot and not be very usefull. "You" is another word you can't search for.

Friday 04 April 2003 10:23:51 am

eZ publish uses stop words to speed up the search. When you search for a word which is to common, e.g. in 30% or more of the objects, the word is ignored. This is a configurable value. We've tuned the search at for performance and to ignore the most common words like, ez, php etc..


Wednesday 28 January 2004 7:30:23 pm

Where to configure this percent because i want to no stop words on my site ?

I have a few articles now and most of words possible to find are in all of them.
So the search is useless for me now sad.gif Emoticon

Please don't ask: why you have search on page with a small count of content objects...
I answer: Because my client want it happy.gif Emoticon

Modified on Wednesday 28 January 2004 7:54:00 pm by Dariusz Włodarczyk

Wednesday 28 January 2004 8:06:15 pm


stop-words: oh, I've found out, that the settings in the site.ini are missing. I make will make an entry in the bug report.


Kind regards,

Thursday 29 January 2004 1:32:56 pm

Thanks blunk.gif Emoticon

I know what StopWordThresholdPercent is, but how work StopWordThresholdValue ?

Now i set both values to 100 and search is working for me like i want blunk.gif Emoticon But will be nice to know diference between these settings happy.gif Emoticon


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