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Saturday 07 November 2009 2:15:41 pm - 3 replies

Hi:Trying to create a website for someone.I want her to be able to login to the site and enter/modify/edit her "schedule".Question 1. What is the safest easiest way to do this?A. Do I give her access to the back end?B. Do I create a user and allow access through the front end?Question 2. I want to limit her to "just" the "schedule"....that's all.How do I do that?I have a menu selection called SCHEDULE.Visitors click on that selection and they can view her "schedule".I want to set this up so she can go in and edit/modify/change/create a new schedule.This way she does not need me to perform this task.If you can provide step by step guidance, that would be greatly appreciated and educational.Example:step 1. go to user accounts tab.step 2. select.......step 3. do.......etc. etcLuke

Sunday 08 November 2009 10:18:15 am

Hi Luke Mark,

I don't know the exact steps but as for question one, I would give her access to the front end only. About question 2, check out the user manual which explains groups and users, and also the "Section". You could create a new sub-usergroup below the existing group called Editors. For example a new sub group called Schedule Editors. You add her account and link it to this new group. You can probably copy the role and policies from the Editor group, than alter the permissions so they only allow edit permissions to the Schedule part of the site. If you can't accomplish this with the basic role/policies, look into the Section part of the manual.

Regards Robin

Modified on Sunday 08 November 2009 10:18:54 am by Robin Muilwijk

Sunday 08 November 2009 9:33:37 pm

Hi Robin:Can you tell me what you mean by:"link it to this new group"...What do you mean by link it.Thanks in advance.

Friday 13 November 2009 7:02:08 am

What I mean by linking is adding the User to that new Group. Let me know if you can figure this out, if not I'll try a step by step for you.


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