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Using a <p> paragraph tag

Using a <p> paragraph tag

Monday 16 June 2003 8:35:47 pm - 1 reply

When I try to input new articles that I have exported from a pre-existing system and that already includes html, the parser keeps all the tags such as <b> bold and <i> italics, but dumps the <p> paragraph tag. So, when viewing the article in eZp, it shows as one contiguous block of text.

I realize this has to do with the XML definitions, but I don't know how and where to fix it so that I have the formatting I want.

Can anyone make a suggestion?


- Geoff

Monday 16 June 2003 8:39:53 pm

If you type the text in using the admin interface; eZ publish converts one newline to <line></line> tag and two or more newliens defines a new paragraph. If you convert your paragraphs to two newlines you can cut'n'paste your text in the admin interface.



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