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Using package export to move content from 3.5.1 fails

Using package export to move content from 3.5.1 fails

Thursday 08 March 2007 1:18:51 pm - 3 replies

I'm trying to move a set of content objects from an old 3.5.1 installation to a new installation on 3.6.11, and have a couple of questions:

1) Is this a good way to move content between sites and eZ versions? I'm trying to move just the content and not the class definitions in case these have changed between versions.

2) Does the package export work for a (fairly) large number of content objects in 3.5.11? I'm able to move a few objects, but the package creation fails when I try to export the whole subtree.

Thursday 08 March 2007 1:33:04 pm

Content object export is a time consuming task which often exceeds the default configured request timeout, http://google.com/search?q=http+request+timeout

I would recommend turning to the eZ Publish command line tools instead which are not affected by http request timeout dependencies.

You can review, ezpm.php, http://pubsvn.ez.no/nextgen/trunk/ezpm.php

Though I will warn you, I believe there are outstanding issues with certain uses of this component.

I might instead offer an alternative, use the csvextract extension to extract your content and use the features of 3.9 to import your csv!


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Thursday 08 March 2007 1:57:59 pm

I do see some improvements in the command line package tools in 3.9.1!


* Package system:
 - Command line package tool 'ezpm.php' updated:
  o 'list', 'import', 'install' command have been changed to match admin
     interface functionality.
  o  Implemented suggestion #010001: 'ezinstallscript' and 'ezextension' items are
     supported by 'add' command.
  o  Implemented suggestion : Allow ezpm to set vendor.
  (Merged from trunk (3.10.0alpha1) rev. 17983)


Thursday 08 March 2007 2:20:38 pm


Based on my experience, packages between version don't work smootly. I'd suggest to copy the db and do an update by hand with the provided mysql/postgres sql files+run the php if needed.



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