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Vagrant + Windows Developments

Vagrant + Windows Developments

Friday 20 November 2015 3:37:58 pm - 2 replies

I've been told and I have read all the great things about how awesome vagrant is but my experience so far has been anything but. I guess it comes down to syncing folders from the host to the guest machine. Not only does it take forever to load the VM but when it is running I'm getting 40 second page loads on a clean ezpublish 5.4 install. 

So my question is, does anyone have a ezpublish 5 install working with vagrant on a windows 7 machine? Are you using rsyc, nfs or samba? I know the default folder share is extermely slow and limited. 

Monday 23 November 2015 8:54:36 pm

Yes to eZ Publish 5 + Vagrant + Windows 7. We use NFS, which gives a noticeable performance boost on non-Windows machines. On Windows, the biggest improvement, which is what makes the setup usable, is to put all of the kernel files on the VM and only mount / symlink the files you need to edit; for example:

  • src
  • ezpublish/config
  • ezpublish_legacy/extension
  • ezpublish_legacy/settings

Monday 14 December 2015 9:24:39 pm

I was able to find a vagrant plugin (vagrant winnfsd) and got nfs to work that way. I also found another plugin (hostmanager) which solves the dhcp ip issue and auto updates my host file on windows. 

The new issue is symlinking my assets from my legacy folder so the new platform works. If I change the environment to prod the js & css files work but not the images. I moved them into the web folder and then also symlinked them from the www root. 

I'm out of ideas at the moment. 


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