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View-buttons in admin-interface stops working!

View-buttons in admin-interface stops working!

Wednesday 09 March 2005 10:20:40 am - 6 replies

In 3.5 I often find that the view-option buttons stop working. The Preview, Details, Locations, Relations buttons that is. Anyone else have this problem? (And is there a solution?)

Wednesday 09 March 2005 11:46:23 am

What browser are you using? I know that the Konqueror Linux browser does this if the connection to the server is broken before the page is server 100%.


Thursday 10 March 2005 8:13:26 am

Actually it is explorer 6 / winxp

Thursday 10 March 2005 8:41:27 am

Hi Christopher,

Check in site.ini.append.php for admin siteaccess if ViewCaching is enabled.

Thursday 10 March 2005 10:41:23 am

Thanks alot! That solved the problem!

Thursday 10 March 2005 10:43:29 am

You're welcome blunk.gif Emoticon

Thursday 06 October 2005 5:02:08 pm

I have the same problem, but when i enable ViewCaching, approval objects are not show until i clear cache. I should have viewcaching disabled for this reason. What can i do?


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