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WebDAV responses to IE 6/DAV Explorer: v3.2

WebDAV responses to IE 6/DAV Explorer: v3.2

Friday 19 September 2003 10:18:52 am - 4 replies

I have WebDAV working well on RH9 Konqueror but cannot get it to work on the windows platform I have tried and the Network places setup on windows, but no joy.

I get a parsing error while parsing a PROPFIND request on both Linux and Windows. Could the server need to handle requests differently to handle clients other than Konq?

Any thoughts? Might it be a setup problem?



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Friday 19 September 2003 10:54:23 am

The problem is with Microsoft and new Windows versions. For some reason Microsoft changed their clients for the XP versions without telling anyone what they changed.
We've done lots of research to figure out why it won't accept the respones from the webdav server but we really don't know why.

We've also found that some XP versions works while others don't.

A search for 'webdav options xp' on google shows similar problems on other servers.

Friday 19 September 2003 11:19:31 am

Good old Microsoft happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 19 September 2003 3:24:21 pm

I've had mixed results with XP. At work, both the server and client are running on the same PC and webdav works great.

At home, it's the same situation but I can't get webdav to work. I add a network location pointing to http://webdav. As soon as I try to open the network location, it tries to find \\webdav on the network instead of going to http://webdav.

So that must be like Jan said: "On some versions it works, on others it doesn't".

Tuesday 23 September 2003 11:09:32 am

after some problems to use cadaver, i found a way.

cadaver -t

cadaver is a command-line WebDAV tool.

paulo almeida


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