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What has happened to the Legacy Downloads Link 3.x.x versions?

What has happened to the Legacy Downloads Link 3.x.x versions?

Friday 26 September 2014 12:01:08 pm - 6 replies

The link to the 3.Versions does not work. Need to do some upgrades from 3.9.x to 3.10.1 the to current. Cant find a working archive. Any alternatives?

Friday 26 September 2014 2:48:07 pm

Hello Peter,

After years of thought on this topic I would say this is a silent but friendly way of saying, "Please upgrade to a current version of eZ Publish". There simply has been no other good explanation (and I don't expect another one).

If your running eZ Publish 3.x your running an insecure php end of story not to mention eZ Publish.

The community project releases are pretty great. Why not cross over to the future with us?

I hope this helps...

EDIT: There are also thousands upon thousands of bugfixes and feature improvements in the community releases that you'll never get to enjoy trying to live in the past. I for one upgrade for the feature improvements, I hope you will learn to do the same happy.gif Emoticon


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Friday 26 September 2014 3:55:16 pm

Hello again Peter,

I write to mention that the 3.x and 4.x versions are unsupported for many years now.

I don't know your needs exactly but you might be able to get the old versions from

Also worth noting you can do a direct upgrade to community releases without the old versions (you don't need them).

I hope this helps!


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Friday 26 September 2014 10:37:55 pm

What do you need?  I've got everything going back to 3.5.

Saturday 27 September 2014 6:29:26 am

Quote from Steven E Bailey :

What do you need?  I've got everything going back to 3.5.


Have two sites. The first is 3.9.3 and the second 3.9.5. Both skinned website interface sites.

Want to go to recent release and not sure of the steps to get all working. I believe that I can go from both to 3.10.1 in one go and not sure of the next version I need to jump to. Perhaps from 3.10.1 to 4.3???


Heath mentioned on his post that is possible to go directly to the new community releases so if there is some docs on that I may not need to do the steps between major releases.

So any insight on this would be appreciated. I have not been active in this area for sometime so very rusty..



Saturday 27 September 2014 7:52:37 am


I think documentation will help here happy.gif Emoticon

@Peter - Please review the upgrade documentation which shows the (major) releases in order:

From that you can pick a target and run with it. Next you can review the sql updates to get an idea of sub-releases in 3.x there were many but by 4.x there were less:

3.10 version ends at 3.10.2 (a rocky road for sure) best to climb upwards away from that bad patch of mountain towards the 4.x versions as quickly as possible.

If your going to pick a 4.x target, please avoid 4.3 there were too many issues with it in my personal experience. Better to pick 4.4 or 4.5 (my vote is for the later of course blunk.gif Emoticon

As for documentation on direct upgrades or as the documentation puts it, 'The "latest stable release" approach' please see:

The keys here are to ...

  • unpack your new source code to eZ Publish.
  • Copy over your key files like settings, designs, extensions and custom files (say like in the site root)
  • Updated mod_rewrite rules to match the release version requirements (as these do change from release to release at times)
  • Configure and test the site as is (document quickly the errors)
  • Run the upgrade sql scripts -slowly- step by step and document the errors / warnings
  • Run the upgrade php scripts -even more slowly- step by step and document the errors / warnings.
  • Clear all caches and run the site again and do a more thorough test of the entire front end and back end documenting the errors / warnings.
  • Try to research and solve each of the use cases with errors or warnings.
  • Profit! 

If you do decide to continue upgrading to a community project release remember to align your php version on the upgraded site with the release which supports it. 2012.01 release started providing php5.4 compatibility fyi.

I think If your going to upgrade php and eZ then you might as well take 10 extra minutes and upgrade to the very latest community release 2014.07 (2014.09 is expected soon).

@Peter - What do you think?

I hope this helps ...


Saturday 27 September 2014 8:32:42 am

Hi Peter,

This will probably make life a whole lot easier for you -

You'll need to get the earlier commits to use this with the 3.x and early 4.x upgrades. 

Here is a link to the 3.10.1 tar file -!jIl3RTBJ!J-MXfRYB1zdtKMXu3HNnIS2S_f8Nsc-3S80l2YJNw2w

The rest of the files you need are still available from the download page.

The best bet is if you upgrade to 3.10 on a php4 machine and move it to a different test machine with php5, do the upgrade step until 4.5 and then check to make sure the site works before going on.  Then running the rest of the upgrade scripts and see if everything still works.  You can probably go to 3.10 -> 4.5 -> 2014.x, you still need to run all the steps in-between but the 4.5 release should have all the necessary scripts from 4.0 to 4.5 and same from 4.5 for whatever recent release you choose.

Of course, I could be wrong, it's been awhile since I've done a 3.x upgrade - let us know what works for you.

The best is if you have two test machines (or virtual machines) so you can run through the process a few times to see what steps break.

A couple of things that might burn you -
php errors going from 4 to 5 in extensions - you'll have to upgrade your extensions too - for the stock extensions it shouldn't be a big deal, for custom extensions you might have a bunch of errors - especially things like referencing a pointer.

The i18n and template init php functions changed - you may have to change these in the custom extensions.

admin went to admin2 and back to admin - this may break links

Ini files changed a lot - you'll have to add some stuff - especially if you have multilingual sites.

The url aliases were a mess until 4.4 - you hopefully can avoid this mess by not doing the url alias steps until 4.4

That's all I can remember at this time.

If you do use the, let me know if something is wrong in it.  i haven't done a 3.x upgrade in years and so the process isn't really tested all the way through - only in pieces.


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