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what this svn error ?!?

what this svn error ?!?

Friday 07 November 2003 9:31:22 pm - 3 replies

Hi ..

svn: Berkeley DB error
svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/nextgen/trunk'
Berkeley DB error while checkpointing after Berkeley DB transaction for filesyst
em /srv/svn/nextgen/db:
DB_INCOMPLETE: Cache flush was unable to complete

I had install again the svn and still get this error ... is this from ezp ?!


Friday 07 November 2003 10:44:57 pm

Hi Selmah

No, this is svn database corruption, unrelated to ezp. It happens from time to time ... the svn software is still alpha and rsynced from the master at to a local machine here for public access. You may also experience such problems while updates are in progress. More or less safe windows are from 35 min past each hour until 15 minutes past the next hour, worst case.

The updates are done automatically hourly during normal working hours and a few more times during the evening/morning.

The update scripts will detect corruption and try to cope with it automatically ... but sometimes this fails and a manual intervention is necessary. Check the main page on, it may have some clues.

So the message is to come back after a few hours (in the worst case, the next day) and try again.


PS: The update scripts are rather complicated now to cope with a basic set of known svn problems, and will be refined more in the future. Some monitoring scripts will be added to minimise down-times too.

Friday 07 November 2003 11:13:14 pm

Thx Paul ...

Then i`ll try again after time ...

but if I got the same error ?! no solution ?!

Friday 07 November 2003 11:16:07 pm

you right ... its work fine now ..


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