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Where do I start

Where do I start

Thursday 19 June 2003 6:18:51 pm - 2 replies

I have just installed ezpublish 3.1 beta 2, with demo data, and I was starting to look at the tutorials in the sdk documentation. But in the first tutorial "main concepts" I cannot find the paths of the files that the tutorial explain... like: settings/siteaccess/www/site.ini.append

I don't have a www dir inside settings/siteaccess, instead I have an users, a demo, and a sdk dir.

I don't figure out how to start learning ezpublish... Is there any lamer-proof tutorial out there?


Thursday 19 June 2003 6:56:26 pm

Try http://ez.no/developer/ez_publish_3/documentation/ez_publish_3
and http://ez.no/manual

Modified on Thursday 19 June 2003 6:57:50 pm by Tony Wood

Friday 20 June 2003 10:05:01 pm

There is another resourceful site with lots of info:


Then go to the frontpage to learn more about ez Publish:


Good luck... happy.gif Emoticon



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