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Which article.tpl is being used?

Which article.tpl is being used?

Tuesday 08 June 2010 4:00:20 pm - 2 replies

I'm trying to figure out which template full page article is using.
The page is created using the class 'article'.

Looking at the debug output, I can only see the list called: 'Templates used to render the page'. And the only thing coming near loading anything, is 'extension/ezwebin/design/ezwebin/templates/page_mainarea.tpl'.

Using Windows Explorer, I've search for all files called article.tpl in  'extension/ezwebin/design/ezwebin/', and tried adding the text "TEST" to each one, to see if this shows up on the page. But I get nothing.

I've switched off all cache.

Where can I edit article.tpl - or add a new article.tpl which will override the default one?


Wednesday 09 June 2010 1:25:19 am


What is the first entry under 'Templates used to render the page'? That is generally the full view template. You could try clearing the cache before looking at this output, as that will show more templates if caching is on (just in case some kind of caching is still enabled).

To override a template, look in settings/siteaccess/MYACCESS/override.ini.append.php. More on how to do that is here. Essentially, you'll want to create your custom design folder (in design/ or if you are comfortable doing so, in an extension you create an activate). Then make that design the site design in site.ini.append.php (same directory as above). In that design directory, create an override directory, and in it a templates directory, and perhaps in it a full directory. Create your template there, add an override rule in override.ini, and clear the caches.

Wednesday 09 June 2010 9:09:57 am

Ok, found it, thanks.

Modified on Wednesday 09 June 2010 3:35:27 pm by Steven Stieng


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