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Why use WebDAV?

Why use WebDAV?

Thursday 18 September 2003 4:33:46 pm - 5 replies

I've read the documentation on the eZ publish site and have glanced through the FAQ on webdav.org, but I would like to know why WebDAV is important.

1. What is the benefit of adding WebDAV to an eZ publish site?
2. What capabilities does it provide over a standard installation of eZp?
3. Is this something that is justified only for certain types of sites (large amounts of data, or many editors for example)?

I appreciate any feedback you can provide me!


Thursday 18 September 2003 4:42:48 pm

Two words "Drag" and "Drop". It makes it easy for people to add documents and images to a site.

So if you use a SMB share then you could use this instead.

Thursday 18 September 2003 4:58:25 pm

Hrrrm, I like the sound of that. Does it change the way we make new pages though? If I have an editor who is using MS Word, or DreamWeaver, will this make their lives easier, or do they still need to do content editing in the browser-based or online editors?

Is WebDAV more secure than SMB?


Thursday 18 September 2003 5:16:29 pm

WebDAV is used for manaing files not pages, so you can continue as you are with that. this gives you Document management facilities.

>>Is webDAV more secure than SMB....
Interesting question, I believe the main reason why webDAV has taken off is that it bypasses the port firewall restrictions of companies. Now all it means is that firewalls now need to inspect data packets to see what they contain so they can block them happy.gif Emoticon

Really though any protocol is a secure as the admin that set it up. So the only answer you can give is.
1. A badly setup webDAV installation is insecure
2. A badly setup SMB installation is insecure.


Thursday 18 September 2003 5:43:48 pm

Thanks for the illuminating response Tony! This gives me some ideas for future site revisions.


Friday 19 September 2003 10:06:35 am

You might find this interesting too


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