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Will this supports GIS

Will this supports GIS

Monday 07 July 2003 8:19:56 am - 2 replies

Hai Friends,
Using eZpublish (may be 2.x or 3.x), Can I connect to GIS (Geographical Information System) database?

Thanks and reagrs,

Monday 07 July 2003 2:19:10 pm

There is no module for this yet. Theoretically it should not be a problem to program something like this.


Monday 07 July 2003 3:43:48 pm

We plan to integrate mapserver by the end of 2003. The plans are to define a new datatype which you can use in classes. This datatype will hold parameters which are then used to control a query to mapserver.

We are not sure how to implement the client side: either with the mapscript (php libraries exist) or by controlling a java applet (more work for the template side).

Mapserver link (also open source):


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