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Workflow error and notifications

Workflow error and notifications

Monday 05 September 2011 12:13:39 pm - 4 replies

Hi ! I'm new in eZ, so my question is technical but also about good practises.

I have to add a workflow on the shop to test if the user can have the number of product he want or if it exceeds its quota.

The workflow is ok, but how can I notified the user that is quota is ko ? (status rejected)

It's the best way to do that ?

Monday 05 September 2011 10:44:42 pm

I suppose you want to show the quota result on the shop/orderview page (which is the page you end up after ordering by default).

There are many ways to do this but a quick and flexible way is to add a session variable 'quotaResult' in your workflow, which is read (and deleted again) in the orderview page.

Wednesday 14 September 2011 3:37:04 pm

Thanks for the answer, I finally redirect to an url with parameters.

I'm not fan of this "solutions" but can't find a better one for the moment.

Tuesday 20 September 2011 3:12:01 pm

I have a strange problem, sometimes, my workflow does not complete successfully.
So I have a new line in the table ezworkflow_process, but it is not expected behavior.
I return only :


So no workflow process? I am right?

Tuesday 20 September 2011 5:57:56 pm

ok, STATUS_REJECTED, store info in a "memento" and "workflow processes" really not a good solution for me...

Not fan of workflow implementation in EZ


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