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400 BAD request because of RewriteRule on Windows system

400 BAD request because of RewriteRule on Windows system

Saturday 19 November 2005 7:49:34 pm - 3 replies

Hi All,

im new to Ez Publish and having problems with getting it started. When i got it all setup it gives me a 400 bad request. When i comment the following line in my httpd.conf it works ok.

# RewriteRule !\.(js|gif|css|jpg|png)$ "C:\www\ezpublish\index.php"

I tried both apache 1.3 & 2. No succes sad.gif Emoticon

My system: laptop with winXP, apacha 1.3 or 2, php4, mysql.

I uploaden my entire httpd.conf to http://www.theartshop.nl/httpd.conf.txt

At this point im clueless. Hope some of you can help. Thanx alot!

Best regards,

Saturday 19 November 2005 7:50:58 pm

And im using version 3.7.2.

Sunday 20 November 2005 1:39:15 pm

I discovered another post addressing this problem. The problem is windows style pathing in the RewriteRule. See this post: http://ez.no/products/ez_publish_...n/install_on_window_rewrite_problem_


Wednesday 02 November 2011 7:46:56 am



I also got the issue, under Linux Ubuntu 11, for eZPublish version 4.5 (community edition)

It relies on the leading '/' for all rewrite rules.


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