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Adding ezflow to an ezwebin site

Adding ezflow to an ezwebin site

Saturday 04 June 2011 7:30:00 pm - 3 replies

Hi there,

i'm trying to add ezflow to an existing ez 4.4 site, which is currently running ezwebin.

Unfortunatly, the docs for ezflow do not seem to handle this szenario: It's only "install it in the first place with the wizard" or "upgrade it".

I downloaded various packages from and installed them. I activated the extension and can add the new "layout" datatype to any class (e.g. my frontpages). I also applied the SQL stuff from the ezflow extension to create the new ezm* tables.

But the layout only shows one zone ("Global Layout"blunk.gif Emoticon or no zones at all, when i edit the class or the object with a "layout" datatype. zone.ini and block ini files look fine to me. But i muss the other layouts (2,3,4 zones).

Is there any good documentation available or do you have a clue where to look for? Log-Files do not give any usefull hint.

Saturday 04 June 2011 8:03:34 pm


the zones are contentclass defined : see the zone.ini configration file

you should had your template write in it :

i mean if i want to had a lyout to the article contentclass , i add it bby administration AND i add it in this config file like that :

ZoneTypeName=Global zone layout
ZoneName[main]=Global zone

AvailableForClasses[]=article <- add this line for your content class on all zoning you want.

i hope that helps you.





Sunday 05 June 2011 12:39:17 am

Hello Alexandre,


I thought, i had read every line of those 2 INI files, but i overlooked that one.


worked perfectly!

Merci beaucoup!

Thursday 31 May 2012 11:08:27 pm

Hi Marco,

Would you mind creating a how-to for manual installation of eZ Flow on an existing site at ?

I think there are a lot of people out there who would appreciate it (including myself)!

Thanks in advance,


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