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All Database Tables Deleted

All Database Tables Deleted

Wednesday 25 August 2004 10:49:15 pm - 4 replies

You know it's a BAD day when you are - reinstalling EZPublish using the wizard and you get to the part where you can choose delete all data from your database...and well, you do.

The problem is, my "database" was comprised of several different tables, 1 set for one application, another set for a second application and the newly created ez publish tables for - you guesed it - the EZPublish Application - all separated by the first two characters of the table names.

Word to the wise - ALL tables were deleted - not just tables associated with EZPublish.

Wednesday 25 August 2004 10:57:18 pm


We should make eZ publish only delete the tables prefixed with ez.

I hope you had backup.


Thursday 26 August 2004 3:51:29 pm

Actually it would be best if eZpublish only deleted the tables it created at setup.

What if someone has their own tables that start with ez?

Maybe the prefix should be something more distinct?

just a few thoughts....

best regards

Friday 27 August 2004 6:13:55 pm

I'm suprised that in the install wizard you are not given the option to specify what the table prefix should be. A lot of hosting providers only allow you to have one database so you have to share it with multiple applications. If you can specify your own prefix, EZPublish can more easily play nice nicely with other applications. When it comes time to delete tables, you can tell it to delete only those with a certain prefix.

Tuesday 14 September 2004 3:54:24 pm

You'd think that one should be able to learn from other peoples mistakes, but naahhh....

Now our tables are gone too suspicious.gif Emoticon

We do of course have backup, but still, it's quite a nuisance to restore everything.

So does the eZ crew have an ETA for the excellent feature that Bruce described in the post above?

best regards


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