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Anchor disappers under Online Editor in fullscreen

Anchor disappers under Online Editor in fullscreen

Tuesday 26 July 2011 10:16:36 pm - 5 replies


I'm using OE v. 5.1 in Administrator interface and in the Box mode I could create anchors, edit them and save sucessfully.

When during editiion I change to fullscreen all anchors disappear. I've investigated the source of the fullscreen HTML and I see the anchor is there, just it loosed the class="mceItemAnchor" specification. Thats, why it is not visible. I susspect some other specifications could be lost.

The problem remains, why, when changing to fullscreen mode in OE some specifications disapear.

The same happens under OE 5.2

Please help me in this matter. Thanks.

Modified on Thursday 08 September 2011 12:32:55 pm by Wacław Struk

Sunday 31 July 2011 9:05:48 pm


In which version of eZ are you experiencing this problem? I just tried the latest community release (2011-7) and was able to switch between full edit-screen without loosing the anchors.

Regards Robin

Monday 01 August 2011 6:51:21 pm


Thank you for the answer

I'm using eZ Publish, version 4.3, OE v. 5.1 or OE v 5.2 in Administrator interfejs.

Thanks for any suggestions

Waclaw Struk


Friday 05 August 2011 9:21:38 pm


is it possible for you to test 4.5 on a localhost? See if the problem is solved in that release?

If that is the case, there are two obvious options which are to either upgrade to 4.5 or look for the patch/fix that solved the problem and apply it on your 4.3 install.

Regards Robin

Wednesday 31 August 2011 3:09:17 pm


Robin, thanks for the suggestion.

I've copied OE 5.3.0 version from eZ Publish v. 4.5beta (or 2011.4) and this OE editor works as wished.

I hope, other functions of the editor are rather better while with OE 5.2.0 I had some problems.

Best regards


Saturday 03 September 2011 8:20:15 pm


Glad to see this is fixed. You might want to edit your original post, and mark the checkbox "fixed".

Thanks, Robin


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