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Basedir restriction

Basedir restriction

Monday 31 March 2003 3:34:01 pm - 2 replies

Since so many people have had problems with basedir restrictions I want to check it out further.
Could anyone having these problems do the follow:

1. Edit index.php and place the following line somewhere at the top.

2. Open the browser to your site and save the html to a file.
3. Send it to me by email: jb at ez dot no (at=@, dot=.).
4. It would be nice if you added some more information on your site, virtual host/nvh etc.

Monday 31 March 2003 6:12:21 pm

I had this error even though my home directory whas listed in my open_basedir & include_path. I turned debugging on and found PHP could not open files in "./lib/"

The soultion was to include my web servers root directory in my include_path.

I belive include_path can only be changed in the apache config or the php.ini file so changes to an htaccess file would have no effect.

Monday 31 March 2003 7:47:04 pm

Thats the same limitation as i found out. I will try it also with the root path as a workaround.

other modules seems to use lib instead of ./lib an didn't cause any problems.

i sent out the info as requested before....

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