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Basic question about ezpublish installation

Basic question about ezpublish installation

Monday 14 October 2013 11:21:18 am - 1 reply


I have a question about the my ez-publish installation architecture.

I have installed ezpublish for my site in two different servers.

site A (192.168.1.xxx)and site B(192.168.1.yyy).

I want to connect them with one same database wich is on the server 192.168.1.xxx

In site.ini configuration I edit the [DatabaseSettings]

i change and edit : Server,Port,User,Password,Database

Site A works because i use localhost in the server settings.

but it doesnt really work for site B.

So i wanted to know if it is really possible to do something like this? and if not what is the alternative and correct way to do it?

Thanks in advance.

Monday 14 October 2013 2:26:00 pm


Yes, this is absolutely possible, via the Cluster mode. I would recommend to read about the concept here: http://doc.ez.no/eZ-Publish/Technical-manual/5.x/Features/Clustering and then, more particularly, about the set-up procedure here: http://doc.ez.no/eZ-Publish/Techn...Setting-it-up-for-an-eZDBFileHandler

I hope this helps,


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