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Being logged out constantly (session/cookie trouble?)

Being logged out constantly (session/cookie trouble?)

Thursday 23 June 2011 2:29:45 pm - 6 replies

I am having a hard time with the admin interface. I have to log in really often, despite using the 'remember me' checkbox and changing several settings which are currently as follows:


Can anyone give me some hints on how to debug issues like this? I have been scratching my head over this for quite some time now but I find it hard to solve blunk.gif Emoticon

Thursday 23 June 2011 2:41:36 pm

I expect the problem to lie elsewhere, since it happens on certain pages while using the interface. There almost can't be a session timeout, as I'm browsing. I just get redirected to the login page. What could this be?

Thursday 23 June 2011 3:54:42 pm

Hi Sander, 

What version of eZ Publish are you using ? Asking this to find out if the session handler in use is the PHP-based one. What can happen is that php-based sessions can not be opened anymore due to a full disk. Not very likely, but worth checking.

Other check that could be useful : do you get the session cookie after logging-in, and do you see your user, from the back-office, as having an active session (Setup > Sessions) ?


Thursday 23 June 2011 5:15:59 pm

Thanks for the info. The site is on 4.4, server is running php 5.2.9, and I do receive the eZSESSID cookie. The setup > sessions page however returns "

Your current session handler does not support session administration."


Modified on Thursday 23 June 2011 5:24:54 pm by Sander van den Akker

Thursday 23 June 2011 5:26:28 pm

I see 4.4 requires PHP 5.2.14. Might that be it?

Thursday 23 June 2011 5:38:44 pm

Hi Sander, 

The php-based session handler was introduced as the default in Fuji - 4.4. Given the message you get ("Your current session handler.." ), file-based session management is in use. Scanning the PHP changelogs from 5.2.10 to 5.2.14, i stumble upon the following interesting stuff : 

  • "Fixed segfault on invalid session.save_path."
  • "Added protection for $_SESSION from interrupt corruption and improved "session.save_path" check"

I would definitely give the PHP upgrade a try, if i were you.


PS : check session.save_path in php.ini, and make sure it is storing sessions in a place where there is enough disk-space or write rights. Cheers.

Modified on Thursday 23 June 2011 5:39:51 pm by Nicolas Pastorino

Saturday 25 June 2011 11:02:48 am

5.2.9 also have a array sorting bug that affects eZ Publish, so unless your distro has patched it it is the worst possible version happy.gif Emoticon

As for the issue I can't see anything related being fixed so this might be file system / php related.

Modified on Saturday 25 June 2011 11:05:33 am by André R


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