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BUG!?! problem with DISTRIBUTION - missing file extentions!

BUG!?! problem with DISTRIBUTION - missing file extentions!

Friday 04 July 2003 8:07:19 pm - 10 replies

Ok, so i've been struggling with eZPublish for a long time now, I've just made the discovery that there are problems with the LATEST distribution. The file names are too long and a lot of them are shortened.

For example in the lib/eztemplate/classes folder
there is a file called "" which should be: "eztemplateartithmeticoperator.php"

And there are MANY more problems like that esp, in the kernel folder.

Is this ia potential bug/problem? The only reason I discovered this is because I'm in debug mode and I'm noticing that certain files aren't loading, and that's b/c these files are missing exntentions etc.

Is there a list of all the ezPublish files? so i can properly rename them all? Some of them are not as easy to fix as they are horrendously long.

I'm using Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar if that is helpful.
But my server is a Redhat Linux server.

Modified on Friday 04 July 2003 8:07:50 pm by julie ng

Friday 04 July 2003 8:16:28 pm

Grrr, I've resorted to using stupid PC to upload the kernel files all over b/c of this problem.

The filesnames are correct on the PC. I guess the mac can't handle the long file names. sad.gif Emoticon Though, I must say you guys need to put a warning for the rest of us and stop using such long file names!

Friday 04 July 2003 8:26:25 pm

the whole thing's broke and gone to hell. SIGH. I replaced the entire kernel directory and now the whole thing doesn't work, any ideas?

Friday 04 July 2003 9:15:03 pm

Hi Julie,

Firstly, i'm not a Mac user, so cannot recreate your problem, but i am interested in the problem.

Is it the filesystem that cannot support the long filenames or is it php? Can you upgrade php?

I can answer this, i would not go changing the filenames in the kernel, it would be too much of a chore, especially when upgrading.


Saturday 05 July 2003 1:27:02 am

The mac can handle it, like it's okay, if I rename them. When I download zipped files, Stuffit automatically unzips them for me, and they're already missing extentions and parts of file names, etc. It's eithe the mac or Stuffit.

Here's a screenshot of what I mean:

Yeah, I gave up on renaming things. I'm reinstalling with my Dell laptop right now. Sigh, I reuploaded the entire kernel directory from the distribution and the whole thing went to hell in a bucket as a I say. I'm getting "cannot find server" errors all of the place.


Modified on Saturday 05 July 2003 1:43:13 am by julie ng

Saturday 05 July 2003 10:25:00 am

Hi ..

You may try this, unzip the files on pc then copy the unziped files to mac, maybe is its the unzip program !

Monday 07 July 2003 9:29:51 pm

HI Julie

I wrote a message about this here and list the files that are effected:

In MacOS9 there is a file extension limit to 31 characters
MacOSX & Unix don't have this problem

a fix is to manually upload the files and then correct the file names on the server using one's FTP program (Fetch is what I use)

Hope this helps


Modified on Monday 07 July 2003 9:39:11 pm by Maggie Martin

Wednesday 09 July 2003 5:39:30 am

Hi Maggie, thanks for the message. I'm using Mac OS X 10.2.6 Jaguar with the latest patch, and I am having this problem. Just so you know it is an OS X problem too.

In OS X, the file name limit is longer, but the problem still arises because of the unzipping program StuffIt.

Wednesday 09 July 2003 5:43:02 am

Downloading the latest version of StuffIt Expander 7.03 prevents this problem from happening on the Mac OS X.

Wednesday 09 July 2003 9:38:51 pm

Thanks for the info, Julie

I'll be going to OSX in a couple of months ...

I'll upgrade to the new StuffIt right away.


Thursday 10 July 2003 1:45:01 am

Hi julie,
If you are running Mac OS X try this command in the "Terminal" app (you can find it in the "/Applications/Utilities" folder.)

1. Open a terminal window
2. Type "curl -O"
3. Type "sudo mv ezpublish-3.1-1.tar.gz Desktop/"
4. Type "gunzip ezpublish-3.1-1.tar.gz"

Now check your Desktop folder.

Good luck,


Modified on Thursday 10 July 2003 7:41:25 pm by geovanni rosetto


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