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Call to a member function processCache()

Call to a member function processCache()

Sunday 21 December 2014 7:32:15 pm - 3 replies

Hello to all members, i am a new member in the community.

So, i have a  ez Publish site, which runs on version 4.6 and i try to install it in to my local pc, using xampp. I enabled the modules in the appace.conf LoadModule expires_module modules/ and LoadModule deflate_module modules/ in order to run the site. Also i extracted the database without change the name,  changed in the siteacces folder the Database Settings and the SiteURL and yet i retrieve

 Fatal error: Call to a member function processCache() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\MySite\kernel\classes\datatypes\ezuser\ezuser.php on line 1306

Also, i erased in the var folder (MySite/var/cash/ini), the cash files.

Becouse i am a newbie here, can anyone help me, give me directions, i suppose, that i should change something.

Sunday 21 December 2014 11:43:00 pm

Hello Apostolos,

Remember you can clear caches using the bin/php/ezcache.php command.

Remember to do this from the root of the ezpublish legacy folder (this is important or the script will not run).

You can also manually use the command line commands to remove cache files from within these directories.

rm -vrf ezpublish_legacy/var/cache/* ezpublish_legacy/var/ezwebin_site/cache/* ezpublish_legacy/var/your_siteaccess_var_dir_name/cache/*;

Note that the above rm command actually removes cache from your custom siteaccess vardir site.ini setting var directory cache. Check your siteaccess site.ini settings to use the right directory name. 

I hope this helps!


Modified on Sunday 21 December 2014 11:44:41 pm by // Heath

Monday 22 December 2014 6:30:40 pm

Hi // Health, thank you for your correspond, i tried the ezcache.php Fatal error: Class 'eZCacheHelper' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\MySite\ezcache.php on line 12

I suppose, that is something to do with File Settings, my path is C://xampp/htdocs/MySite/  in the siteaccess directory, i have 4 folders, mysite, mysite_admin, mysite_dev, mysite_eng, each of them has  a file site.ini.append.php and in each file is


it's something wrong?

Please excuse me, but is the first time to try ez publish, and i am not familier with this, but i hope to be.

Best Regards

Tuesday 23 December 2014 1:55:16 am

Hello Apostolos,

The 'eZCacheHelper' error is happening because you have not generated/re-generated eZ Publish autoloads.

You should do this now first as all of eZ Publish depends on this being done first.


You will also need to clear all caches manually (at least) using something similar to the following command. 

rm -vrf ezpublish_legacy/var/cache/* ezpublish_legacy/var/ezwebin_site/cache/* ezpublish_legacy/var/mysite/cache/*;

I hope this helps!



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