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Can't See Image at 3.1-1

Can't See Image at 3.1-1

Thursday 26 June 2003 12:56:40 pm - 4 replies

Just installed 3.1-1 from scratch yesterday (i'm brand new to eZ as well : ). Today I started customerizing and got the subject problem. Browsed through the forum for an hour but couldn't find any relevant answer. Hope someone can help. Here are the details:

Uploaded successfullly a photo:

Issue #1. Can't see thumbnail in image edit mode - The page calls an img src as
"". I FTPed into the server and see only empty folder in the destination. The folders have been made chmod 777 by the system all the way down from "/image/p/h/p".

Issue #2. Can't see image as a visitor:

All image attributes are there but the image itself!!

Anyone can offer some hints? Please!

Friday 27 June 2003 6:04:34 am

Is it just my unique problem so no one cares : (

Friday 27 June 2003 6:36:59 am

Me myself again.

Got the problem fixed with help from this post:

I didn't realize I have only gd installed in the virtual server. The ez install file said everything was fine : P

Friday 27 June 2003 11:32:39 pm

C how,
Can you tell me how you fixed your installation for eZ publish 3?
What do you have in your /settings/override/image.ini.append.php file?

Thank you,


Saturday 28 June 2003 1:06:03 pm

My original file did not have the following so I just added and got it working:




By the way I am giving up ez3 and moving to ez2. ez3 is too complex for me to handle -- a very flexible system but with too little easy-to-understand guidence. I installed nearly 10 postnuke-based cms sites and I thought I could handle ez3. But not : [

It is my second day getting myself familar with ez2. Still learning but at least I see progress. ez Publish is the only free cms LAMP script that I found having a core e-commerce component. I feel sad not being able to use it's best version.


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