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Cannot redeclare class ezcBase

Cannot redeclare class ezcBase

Tuesday 22 May 2012 11:00:12 am - 1 reply

Hi, I've configured CronJobParts in cronjob.ini.append.php but when I run php runcronjob jobname I get a fatal error "Cannot redeclare class ezcBase". Its a very simple script and I haven't included any files. Just my own Class. 


The error is from /ezpublish-4.6.0/lib/ezc/Base/src/base.php on line 18

EDIT: Sorry - it was the autoload that ruined it for me.

Modified on Tuesday 22 May 2012 2:03:01 pm by Øyvind Høysæter

Tuesday 22 May 2012 2:13:11 pm

Thanks for updating us.

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