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Change default language

Change default language

Wednesday 27 July 2005 12:52:53 pm - 4 replies

How I can change the default language after the installation?

Wednesday 27 July 2005 1:03:48 pm

You can edit site.ini.

Beware, however, that if you change ContentObjectLanguage you will not be able to edit any objects that does not have a translation in your new language already.

Did that make sense? happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 27 July 2005 1:25:48 pm

As David said, you need to update the database. Example (to change to french):

UPDATE ezcontentobject_name
  content_translation='eng-GB' OR

UPDATE ezcontentobject_attribute

Saturday 28 January 2006 9:51:41 pm

Here's what worked for me, mysql 4.1, also making sure that untranslated objects retain the correct 'real_translation'...

UPDATE `ezcontentobject_name`
SET `content_translation`='eng-CA'
WHERE `content_translation`='eng-GB';

UPDATE `ezcontentobject_name`
SET `real_translation`='eng-CA'
WHERE `real_translation`='eng-GB';

UPDATE `ezcontentobject_attribute`
SET `language_code`='eng-CA'
WHERE `language_code`='eng-GB';

Have fun!

Tuesday 24 July 2012 8:29:09 pm

Most have probably realized this, but thought I'd share how we did it:

  1. Create a new installation with the desired default language
  2. Export all classes from original installation (taking care to add any changes to default classes in the new installation by hand) - making sure to export only the relevant language
  3. Import the exported classes package to the new installation, but do not install.
  4. Edit the imported package on the new installation (var/storage/packages/local<name of imported package>blunk.gif Emoticon, finding and replacing the exported language with the desired new language (for example, we were switching eng-US to eng-UK, so we just did a find and replace)
  5. Once edited, intall the package.
  6. Repeat the previous: Export, Import, Edit, Install steps for all the Content Objects with respect to the languages you wish to switch.

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