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CJW Newsletter : how to susbscribe ?

CJW Newsletter : how to susbscribe ?

Monday 07 June 2010 8:28:01 pm - 3 replies


I followed the instructions of the INSTALL file.

In the admin2 interface I can create newsletter and articles and I can send test.

I assigned the Newsletter rule to the anonymous role

But I don't understand what I have to do to access the subscribe page from the public site (as anonymous user) ?

Any help is wellcome.


I've done the french translation of this extension (translation.ts). But it would be nice if someone could check my work before integrating it in the extension.

I hold my translation file at your disposal.


Monday 07 June 2010 9:06:06 pm


It seems that I need to access an URI like that:

But I get an error kernel (1).

If I grant all access to the anonymous role then the subscribe form is displayed on the public site.

But of course I can't keep all access to this role and I don't find which rules (except newsletter admin no limit) I have to define.


Monday 07 June 2010 9:13:43 pm


I had not seen all the possible rules associated with the module newsletter.

Now everything seems more clearblunk.gif Emoticon


Monday 07 June 2010 9:41:59 pm

About translation of CJW Newsletter :

On the public site, my french translation.ts file is not taken into account (I obtain many debug error messages - all is well translated in the admin interface). But if I copy the content of this file in the main translation file of eZ Publish, then all is well translated.

Is there a specific parameter that must be define ?



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