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Command line install using kickstart.ini?

Command line install using kickstart.ini?

Thursday 01 December 2011 11:37:08 pm - 4 replies

Hi all

Just wondering if there is a command line installer that uses the kickstart.ini file? I'm investigating the possibility of doing a unattended install.

My initial investigations indicate that the first step (choosing the installer language) can't currently be bypassed.


Friday 02 December 2011 1:40:23 am

Hello Bruce,

It is good to hear from you again here in the forums happy.gif Emoticon


From my hands on experiance with the setup wizard and kickstart.ini I thought I would share a little bit of background on this topic.


I would suggest that kickstart.ini is not intended (originally) for automated, scripted or unattended installations (though, I hear where your going with this and I know it will work out very well).


At least not in it's usage with regard to the setup wizard. Here's what I mean ...

If you create, populate, validate and save a kickstart.ini file you will not magically skip the setup wizard and have a complete setup installation of eZ Publish website, no, not by a long shot.


Instead if you do create, populate, validate and save a kickstart.ini file your trip through the setup wizard will be mostly an experiance of clicking next on each page (reminder, you must still go through each page of the setup wizard) until you click finish and have a properly setup copy of eZ Publish. IE: The page form values are pre-populated, that's it, that's all it does for you.


So at times I tend to think that the name given for the values pulled from a kickstart.ini setting file (ie: kickstart) is a little misleading to most of the eZ users that I talk to about this part of the system. Also the documentation on this feature is neither clear or distinct in what kickstart does or provides directly. Also the word used in the docs, 'automated' in the docs, is almost evil in how cleverly deceitful as it is (and has always been like this ..) as in realitiy nothing is really automated about the features kickstart provides (today) to the setup wizard, in reality it should be described as something more like 'guided setup' or just say 'setup wizard page values are pre-populated with the expected and desired default values ...


Still, sadly even to this day (so many years later)

I know of no such publicly available command line installer/setup for eZ Publish (with or without kickstart.ini support) for unattended installation/setup as you suggest or describe.

I know I worked on at least one if not two different (private) attempts at such a solution (using kickstart.ini surprisingly enough and mirroring the setup wizard steps) long long ago. I seem to remember I made relevant progress but our focus was taken away, the work to complete it and publish it was not finished and that work has since been lost to time :\ But I'm fairly certain I reached my goals with it at the time but not in a publicly releasable manner. (Apologies to the community for failing to share it to preserve it)


I think if you were to create a command line script which did provide the above, it would be great if you did so publicly (of course) happy.gif Emoticon

And it would be even cooler if it did so dynamically (perhaps optionally) from GitHub master sources.


I hope this helps ...

Best wishes ...




Friday 02 December 2011 1:56:25 am

Users of the tool you describe might also be interested in the following project which can perform the fetch master sources and 'build' eZ Publish in an automated way.

It even contains an example kickstart.ini file with the solution. I've not used this tool just yet so I don't know for certain but I imagine it populates (at least part of) this file in the resulting build to ease installation setup wizard use.


In fact, I would go as far as if to wonder if you could not instead extend the ezpublishbuilder solution to include and provide the functionality you describe it seems like it could be a good fit.



Theme song: Fugazi - Waiting Room ...

Friday 02 December 2011 2:06:58 am

Hi Heath

Thanks for the reply.  If the kickstart.ini wasn't intended for " (originally) for automated, scripted or unattended installations" what was it's intent? To me the name "kickstart" itself implies that this is what it's for. I believe it would have been chosen from the sys admin world

I'm not sure when you last looked at this but you are able to add: 


to each section. This will skip any section with this enabled.  If this setting is set to false then it will pause on the screen with the values pre-populated.Currently it is possible to skip all install screens except for the initial "Choose Install Language".  e.g. Choose Install Language -> Finished


Friday 02 December 2011 3:36:16 am

Hey Bruce,


Wow, that's awesome. I did not know about that feature.

That makes kickstart.ini much more useful indeed.

I guess I was really wrong about a lot of what I said above ...


@ kracker

Thanks for pointing out the ezpublishbuilder extension! I had forgotten about this project and still have not yet had a chance to try it out just yet. Thanks for the reminder.





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