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Configuration problem?, ie. // in urls

Configuration problem?, ie. // in urls

Tuesday 14 January 2003 2:02:07 pm

I have installed eZ publish 3 with demo data under Win2000, Apache 1.3, PHP 4.1 (cgi), MySQL.

When I try to test the software, after the login screen (at http://localhost/ezpublish/ezpublish/index.php) I get "http://localhost/ezpublish/index.php//" as URL and the demo site (? - it says "Site map" and "My folder" on top of the central area). However, all links look like
"http://localhost/ezpublish/index.php//content/view/full/158" and by clicking on them, the same page gets loaded.
Even when I delete one of the two slashes, nothing changes.

I read the included install info, tried to find a solution here at these forums, but everything I found and tried (Apache/PHP/eZ publish configuration) results in no change to the situation (ie.
I have the feeling that there is not only one reason for my problem.

Please give me a hint as to what I should pay attention to.
I will reply to answers within minutes (in the next 6 hours).

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