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contact form - how to set an email address to recieve form data?

contact form - how to set an email address to recieve form data?

Friday 05 June 2015 5:46:32 am - 2 replies


I have set up eZPublish 5.4 with Demo Bundle. It has a contact page already built in, and I would like to be able to use the form to recieve contact details etc of interested people.

I have not touched any settings  for this, but when I test by filing out a form, it doesn't seem to go anywhere.


Is there a setting in the admin panel to add/change the associated email address?


Monday 08 June 2015 6:23:15 am

Hello Barry,

What do you mean by, "when I test by filing out a form, it doesn't seem to go anywhere" ? This is not a very descriptive statement to explain what does or does not happen when you submit this form.

In general, to make the contact us (page) form to send mail you will need to override some settings (in your config_dev/config_prod.yml).


In short the settings you need to change are in yml and not the legacy admin.

Also remember that your localhost is most likely not configured to properly send mail and as such you will not be able to use it (by default) to send mail using eZ Publish. This is not an eZ Publish configuration issue but then I've shared this fact with you previously.

To learn more about this solution here is the related full view template:

Also helpful to study is the related feedback form controller:

Please remember that user siteaccess feedback form (new stack only) does not store feedback form submissions in the legacy information collection system (in the admin) as the information collection system is extremely deprecated and will be replaced in future versions of ezplatform.

I hope this helps!


Sunday 12 July 2015 8:09:39 pm

Hi Heath

I have come back to this issue from a while back, as there were more pressing things that I was trying to learn. However, I still cannot get it to work, and I was hoping you could help me

Firstly, I understand that I have to override settings in the config_dev/config_prod.yml but there do not seem to be any settings, so do I just add my own values?

MOre importantly for what I am working on at the moment, but still related to email settings, I have tried (on localhost and also production server) to add a new user via the registration tab. It says that it has been successful, but no email is sent to be able to verify the account.

If I remember correctly you have actually answered something similar previously but I cannot find the psot anywhere, so I apologise for asking again.


Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend




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