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Content structure: Containers don't expand

Content structure: Containers don't expand

Thursday 28 January 2010 2:06:16 am - 2 replies

I currently have 4 servers running Ezpublish 4.1.3

On all but one of these servers the content structure containers wont expand to show the articles living inside them.

I have looked at all the responses in your forum and I am not seeing any answers.
Its not an upgrade, its a clean install.

I have checked the /settings/contentstructuremenu.ini file between the working and the non-working sites. They are identical.
My browsers all have java script enabled.
I have enabled dynamic tree menu in the above file.

I have added the following to settings/siteaccess/admin/site.ini.append.php


I have firebug running.

I am not seeing any errors.

Can anyone tell me what else I can do to find out why the containers wont expand to show the content inside them?

Thursday 04 February 2010 9:51:48 pm

It's using ajax calls to content/treemenu/<id> to get the content of the containers, use firebug to see if the call is: 1. done, 2. taht it is not blocked (http: 200 OK) and 3 the response of the call.

If 1 fails, then I don't know, if 2 fails, then it is most likely rewrite rules for index_treemenu.php that fails, if 3 fails, then the repsonse should give you a hint.

Tuesday 20 April 2010 1:14:50 am

Ok, here I go answering my own questions again.

The reason the article classes down show up in the left hand menu on the admin menu is because thats the way the default install goes.

Go to: /settings/siteacess/ezwebin_site_admin/contentstructuremenu.ini.append.php


Add: ShowClasses[]=article

*/ ?>

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