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create ezteamrooms on siteaccesses

create ezteamrooms on siteaccesses

Thursday 18 November 2010 12:06:17 pm - 1 reply

Running ezpublish 4.3.0 + ezteamroom bundle 1.1.0.

I installed ezpublish without problem.

The global goal is to create 3 teamrooms on one ezpublish installation.

I created 3 siteaccesses following (lets name them "site01", "site02" and "site03". each one has its own landing page, which was an "article".

Then I installed ezteamroom following

As stated in the first document, a siteaccess is reachable at http://hostname/index.php/<siteaccess-name>, so in my example they would be http://hostname/index.php/site01, http://hostname/index.php/site02 and http://hostname/index.php/site03

In the ezteamroom installer, I gave "site01" as value of the --siteaccess parameter, and when prompted to enter the URL of the teamroom without http, I gave "hostname/index.php/site01".

Then I did it again for "site02" and "site03".

Up to there, first: did I do something wrong?

My problem is the use of ezteamroom:

  • How to create users that will only use one teamroom? (Self signing up or creation via the admin interface)
  • Should I create a "teamroom room" as child of the landing siteaccess page? And what to do then?
  • What will be the admin interface to give to each member so that they can collaborate?

Monday 22 November 2010 11:54:47 am

About setting up several siteaccess. I think after the first installation, you need to create another teamroom node, then you will need to create a new siteaccess manually, just copying the site01 siteaccess folder, and renaming to site02, then changing site.ini.append.php and content.ini.append.php settings, only the settings about the root node id and default page. Finally will you set settings/override/site.ini.append.php and include the new siteaccess.


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