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CSS missing !

CSS missing !

Tuesday 24 September 2013 11:25:03 am - 4 replies

Hello everybody,

I downloaded and tried to install ez-Publish 2013.7 and 2013.1 but cant reach the end properly. So at the moment, I'm on the version 2012.1..

I followed this process (http://share.ez.no/blogs/thiago-campos-viana/tip-installing-ez-publish-5-on-ubuntu) for ubuntu but being on Windows.

I created a VHost, took the .htaccess_root from ezpublish_legacy, renamed it and added lines like said in the tutorial.

I can reach the install process to the end but with no style detected, (The requested URL /design/standard/stylesheet/core.css was not found on this server). 

How can I manage to solve this problem ? No css and no javascript are detected, I suppose it might be in the url ?



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Tuesday 24 September 2013 9:56:02 pm


It seems that you skipped a step blunk.gif Emoticon.

You need to generate link to assets:

php ezpublish/console assets:install --symlink
php ezpublish/console assetic:dump 

Wednesday 25 September 2013 10:48:25 am



Thank you for the reply Jerome!

Unfortunately I'm currently running on Windows XP and PHP symlink function is not available on this OS so I'm waiting for an update to be able to go on!


Hope this will work after that.

Wednesday 25 September 2013 11:46:45 am

Then don't use --symlink, it will do a hard copy.

PS: Working on Windows is evil, you should at least use a VM :-P

Wednesday 25 September 2013 12:59:15 pm

In XP you can have symlinks - you need to create them by hand via the junction tool though, available from MS: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896768.aspx

btw: do yourself a favor and upgrade at least to windows 7, it is soo much nicer!

@Jerome I thought that Apple is the new evil, not Microsoft anymore :-P


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