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Error in user validation URL

Error in user validation URL

Wednesday 09 June 2004 6:53:45 am - 4 replies

When a user <b>'Signs UP'</b> the URL they get in the email has one too many <install_dir>/index.php/ in it. I noticed this in the forum from last Novemeber and did not see a reply. (I tried to add to that thread but it kept opening a different thread)<install_di...r/activate/<confirmation_code>

Once I removed the extraneous <install_dir>/index.php/ it worked fine. Anyone know how I can fix this so it sends out the correct URL?

Wednesday 09 June 2004 11:31:01 am

In the templates directory for your siteaccess you can edit the email, by opening user/activateaccountmail.tpl. It has a line like this:

http://{ezini("SiteSettings","SiteURL"blunk.gif Emoticon}{concat("user/activate/",$hash)|ezurl(no)}

I think you're running uri siteaccess (from looking at the example you provided), so simply changing ezurl will probably work:

http://{ezini("SiteSettings","SiteURL"blunk.gif Emoticon}{concat("user/activate/",$hash)|ezroot}



Wednesday 09 June 2004 12:16:01 pm

Thanks, but that didn't work, I ended up with:"

Also I do not have a user/activate directory, but do have that file in

Wednesday 09 June 2004 12:32:13 pm

/user/activate is a module, not a design directory. You'll find it under kernel happy.gif Emoticon

The answer to your problem is in the file activateaccountmail.tpl though.

For example one solution might be:

{ezini("SiteSettings","SiteURL"blunk.gif Emoticon} - This finds out what your website url is from the overriding site.ini file. I'd guess that you have something like

if so change it to

and revert back to your original activateaccountmail.tpl. If that doesn't work try experimenting to find out the results you get with the different parts of http://{ezini("SiteSettings","SiteURL"blunk.gif Emoticon}{concat("user/activate/",$hash)|ezurl(no)}



Modified on Wednesday 09 June 2004 12:35:14 pm by James Packham

Wednesday 09 June 2004 2:59:10 pm

OK, thanks, working now. The only copy I have of the activateaccountmail.tpl is in the design directory as mentioned in previous post. I don't seem to quite understand the way that you refer to the various directories etc, however I seem to have found the right site.ini.append.php file and it now works as expected.


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