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error / kernel (1) How to change it?

error / kernel (1) How to change it?

Monday 23 January 2006 11:07:28 am - 5 replies

When you try to access a page that require a login, such as
you got this in the Meta Tags title="kernel (1)
How can I customized on my install as users find it 'rude'.
I looked in the translation.ts file but it's not there.

Modified on Monday 23 January 2006 11:18:46 am by J-A Eberhard

Friday 27 January 2006 8:25:44 am

Have a look at settings/errors.ini, everything's in there, and it's pretty self explanatory.

Wednesday 22 February 2006 4:46:48 pm

I had a look in the error.ini file but could not spot a settings about the display.
Could you be more precise?

Thursday 23 February 2006 1:11:53 pm

Hmm maybee you are looking for the template files for the errors? If yes then you can override them by copying the design/standard/templates/error/kernel/* to your own design (replacing standard with your design name). Then you are free to customized them as much as you want tohappy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 07 November 2012 3:49:13 pm

That's great however how can you change the "Error (20)" in the title, or the "Error kernel (20)" in the breadcrum ?

Friday 09 November 2012 10:35:21 pm

The title is shown as the path in reverse, with '/' as the delimiter. I don't know, maybe you could try URL translation to change it to whatever you want to show to your users? In admin you can set a URL alias in Setup - URL translator to redirect to any destination.


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