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Error Kernel 3

Error Kernel 3

Saturday 04 January 2003 1:05:37 am - 1 reply

Hi and happy new year. I installed eZ publish version 3 but when I enter (login) as admin/publish I get the kernel 3 error.. someone knows how to resolve it?

Thursday 12 May 2011 8:56:26 pm

I had a kernel 3 error this morning. I found this old post via search result.

My fix was in the Site Setting of the override/siteaccess/[your-site-access]/site.ini.append.php file. The previous site used this to route the default & index pages to a root folder (node 64).

On my new site, I swapped the Homepage (node 2) with the root folder (node 64). So now the root is the Homepage. Then I deleted the folder.

The Default path is "content/view/full/2" so I didn't need these lines. I commented them out and everything is working again!



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