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"Event / Finish User Account" workflow event issue

"Event / Finish User Account" workflow event issue

Monday 04 July 2011 1:23:33 pm - 6 replies


I Have eZ publish 4.5, I'm trying to make a workflow with the event "Event / Finish User Account" but when I add this event only appear the field "Description / comments:".

I can see in this article:


how I have to fill the fields "Affected Sections" and 'Affected Versions' also the users and groups fields who are allowed to do this action, but it doesn't appear only the field "Description / comments:"

I don't know if is an installation problem, but it was succesfull, any idea?

Thanks in advance


Tuesday 05 July 2011 10:34:50 am

Hi Alex.

I guess you're adding your workflow from a custom extension, right? you will need two new templates. one for edit the workflow and the other one for viewing the info of itĀ  (that's it, the classes or sections you have selected in the edit template).

that edit template will be loaded just below the comments field you're talking about. if you have your debug enabled, i guess it would telling you which templates are missing (if this is case, of course).

Normally this edit template should be placed in


then, it's a matter of tweak that template and get the values from the php class you have added for the template.

Tuesday 05 July 2011 10:59:57 am

Sorry. maybe my reply is not good. i was thinking about a custom workflow, not a provided by eZ one...

Tuesday 05 July 2011 3:23:59 pm

Hi Carlos,

thanks for your reply

I think is not a custom workflow or event because I was following the tutorial:


But in this steps:

  • Select "Event / Finish User Registration" and press "Add event" button. In the screen that appears you:
  • Select "Users" under "Affected Sections" and "Publishing New Object" under "Affected Versions".
  • Select proper group who can approve the eventĀ 
  • Press "Add groups" under "Users who approve content" and select the group you wish to give control of approving the new users.
  • Press "OK" to save the new workflow.

when I have to fill the "Affected Sections" and "Publishing New Object" fields, my ezPublish 4.5 doesn't show them, only the field "Description / comments:"

It is very strange, I want to approve users in admin section with this workflow but I can't complete the workflow configuration.

Maybe reinstalling the ezPublish could I solve this bug? Is it a bug?


Tuesday 05 July 2011 4:29:41 pm

hi again. i've checked with my development installation, and really can't say it is an ez publish bug or a documentation bug. if you activate your debug and showusedtemplates option, you will see this template design/standard/templates/workflow/eventtype/edit/event_ezfinishuserregister.tpl is being loaded if you select that event. if you look to that template you will see that it's an empty file. (only a comment) so it's normal it doesn't show anything when event is added.

See the file at github https://github.com/ezsystems/ezpublish/blob/master/design/standard/templates/workflow/eventtype/edit/event_ezfinishuserregister.tpl

Modified on Tuesday 05 July 2011 4:30:07 pm by Carlos Revillo

Tuesday 05 July 2011 4:40:04 pm

if i had to bet, i would go for a documentation bug. looking at the php class related with this event, there are no functions for getting the content sent by this form. only execute function. so i would say you're doing right and it's only a problem with the documentation of that page. i'm adding an issue about.

Modified on Tuesday 05 July 2011 4:40:44 pm by Carlos Revillo

Wednesday 06 July 2011 9:43:04 am

Hi Carlos
I was expected to solve my 'problem' with this workflow, I want approve public users from administration and send them an email.
I'am new with ezPublish, I read a lot of threads about how to do this but I haven't a clearly solution.
Using the event "Event / Finish User Registration" how can I develope what tutorial explain?


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