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EZ 3.4.0 Related objects experiences

EZ 3.4.0 Related objects experiences

Wednesday 09 June 2004 11:25:47 am - 5 replies


Has anyone else noticed that related objects simply don't appear to work for images in ez publish 3.4? I'm trying to establish if this is likely to be a bug, or something I've done wrong. This is my experiences:

I create a class with related object as an attribute, click to navigate to an object I want to relate to it, choose an image and click select. I don't get a preview of the object, but the attribute is registered as having something related to it (I have options to replace or remove the object). I try to use the related object class to display an image on my site and nothing appears.

Has anyone else noticed this?



Wednesday 09 June 2004 1:57:15 pm

Yes, I'm experiencing the same thing.

Could this be a bug that has been fixed in a newer release? I installed ez yesterday with the windows installer. My system information (in setup) says "version 3.4.0" and "revision 6556". If you go the SVN information page ( and then click the link to the latest version, it says "revision 6785".

Of course images that are linked to an article should be shown easily. I've been following the tutorial and been using the templates that comes with it. The thumbnail image is shown in the news list, but not when I go to article full view. If I look at the html code via vew source, I can see that the "<div class=imageright" tag doesn't have any content within it. Seems like a bug to me. The debugger says "no media object" or something to that effect.

I am a total beginner when it comes to ez and been having some problems learning the system because of this bug and others (like the override thing).


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Wednesday 09 June 2004 5:35:26 pm


Thanks for your response Thomas.

<i>Looks</i> like it caused by the same problem, but it is just similar. As this is a version of ez which is only a week old and there are no relevant bug reports I'm inclinded to think that it hasn't been fixed. As such I'll report it as a bug.



Modified on Wednesday 09 June 2004 5:35:56 pm by James Packham

Wednesday 09 June 2004 5:49:35 pm

Hi James,

Has anyone else noticed that related objects simply don't appear to work for images in ez publish 3.4?

I have a similar problem but only when I use images imported from other ezp3.4-0 site.

Bug reported where:


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Wednesday 09 June 2004 6:25:30 pm

Hi Axel,

I read that earlier. Your problem is with related object lists right? Mine is with single related objects. My best guess is that we both use the same table in the database somewhere and that's where our problems is (but I haven't been digging around to find out for sure). I've reported it as a seperate bug (just incase), but I suspect our problems have the same cause.

Lets hope that because 3 of us have noticed ez will act soon (if they're not already checking it out).



Tuesday 15 June 2004 5:27:20 pm

Hi guys,

I've been talking to Bjørn of ez and they are looking into it. It only seems to effect people who are upgrading at the moment. Will keep you updated if nothing gets posted to the bug reports.




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