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eZ Flow Installation

eZ Flow Installation

Friday 24 August 2012 7:22:46 pm - 1 reply


I am running eZ Publish: Community Project 2012.5

and I am trying to install eZ Flow.

Here is the error message that we have received: [~/www]# php runcronjobs.php ezflow
Running cronjob part 'ezflow'
Notice: No scripts found for execution.

In order to be able to install the requested extension please, update us with it's location, or direct link from where we can download it.


Thanks in Advance to all those who reply

Tuesday 04 September 2012 12:14:00 pm

Hi Carlos,

eZ Flow is a site package, which is available for download & installation when you first install eZ Publish, via the installation wizard.

Please refer to the eZ Flow installation documentation for further details.

If this resolves your issue, please mark the issue as solved, by clicking the speech bubble next to the issue title.



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