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Ez oe generating invalid html code

Ez oe generating invalid html code

Tuesday 24 January 2012 4:16:35 pm - 6 replies

Hi everyone


We are using ezoe 5.x   (5.3.x i suppose).

And we have a strange behaviour on our wysiwyg.


If i use a preformated style like "Header 1"   ezoe insert "header" and "section" tag instead of a stupid "h1" tag...!

Same pb when i want to create a paragraphe it insert an unknown and unstyled "paragraph" tag instead of a stupid simple "pa" tag...!!


Any ideas on how to fix this strange behaviour ?

Tuesday 24 January 2012 4:27:29 pm

Hello again trash can,


I think you should consider calming down first.

Your anger and frustration are blinding you.

First your forum post is much more unclear and harder to understand as a direct result.


I'm not certain how best to continue to respond to the specifics you have shared.

I myself have never heard of a 'pa' tag -ever- in html, but I'm fairly certain that the 'paragraph' tag as you mention sounds like your refering to ezxml (the content storage format used primarily by eZ Publish and eZOE) which would sound normal. Remember that ezpublish stores it's content in ezxml and specifically not html format, though ezoe to my knowledge presents the content in html for editing purposes and then transforms the result back to ezxml for storage.


Are you certain your not confusing ezxml with html? I can't be certain myself with the angry content you have shared so far. But you make reference to tags which do exist in ezxml but not in html, though even 'section' tag does not exist in ezxml to my knowledge ... so I'm confused.


Sorry I don't know why ezoe / ezpublish causing you so much grief.


Please share a little more detail, Pastebin the content ezoe produces, share more specifics clearly without the attitude and I'm certain more of the other forum users will do their best to try to help you reach a solution / understanding.


I hope this helps ...




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Tuesday 24 January 2012 4:58:40 pm


Trash can : eZ Publish stores rich text in its own XML syntax in order to be template-based in HTML generation. That's why you have <section> tags stored in the database.

I think you might have outputted the raw content in your template instead of the HTML generated one. Please consider documentation on XML Block datatype and eZXMLText object to help you.

Tuesday 24 January 2012 5:01:53 pm

First sorry  my previous post. I didn't want to be aggressive at all !

Even I have to recognize it, I do feel frustrated... blunk.gif Emoticon


So as you've asked, here is some more information:


I have edited one content of classe "Article"

The class article is made of 2 field:

- A title: made of a line of text
- A content: made of a [Bloc XML]

If I disabled the wysiwig editor here is the code i've put:

 un paragraphe
mon texte
<header level="1">H1 Text</header>
<header level="2">H2 Text</header>
<header level="3">H3 text</header>



So I saved that content.


When I go back to my frontoffice to check this content

With firebug I grab the div taht is expected to receive the wysiwyg content.

Here is what I get as html source  in this front-office div  :

 <!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?-->
<section xmlns:custom=""
  <paragraph>un paragraphe</paragraph>
  <paragraph>mon texte</paragraph>
    <header>H1 Text</header>
      <header>H2 Text</header>
        <header>H3 text</header>
        <paragraph xmlns:tmp="">
              <paragraph xmlns:tmp="">

With what you've explained it seems that some ezxml is directly displayed in the html.

A bit like if the transforming process ezxml->html had been skipped...


Any ideas?

Tuesday 24 January 2012 5:06:27 pm

This is perfectly normal in the admin interface since ezoe is NOT an HTML editor happy.gif Emoticon .

If you deactivate the editor, eZ Publish will render a simplified eZXML... But why do you want to do this ? Explaining this might help us to guide you happy.gif Emoticon

Regarding front office, I suspect that you don't use the attribute_view_gui function in your template, right ?

Cheers !

PS : We know that eZ Publish learning curve can be sometimes painful and frustrating, but it worths it blunk.gif Emoticon

Modified on Tuesday 24 January 2012 5:07:49 pm by Jérôme Vieilledent

Tuesday 24 January 2012 5:21:46 pm

You were completely right.

Seems that I directly diplay the content with an awful :


instead of correct:

 {attribute_view_gui attribute=$node.data_map.contenu}

My bad!

Sorry again...!

Shame on me !

blunk.gif Emoticon



Tuesday 24 January 2012 5:29:20 pm

OK I'm happy I could help you happy.gif Emoticon.

See data_text, data_int and data_float as raw data. You should not rely on those most of the time since they are not interpreted by the datatype. So if the content of an attribute is supposed to be an object, then displaying data_text would never make this object to be constructed.

At least consider using the .content of each attribute if you don't want to use attribute_view_gui. It's generally well described for built-in datatypes in the reference doc happy.gif Emoticon.

Cheers !


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