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eZ on Windows/IIS/SQL Server

eZ on Windows/IIS/SQL Server

Tuesday 08 April 2014 2:26:16 pm - 1 reply

Hi everyone,

I'm well aware that a LAMP config would be better but are there any risks on a Windows/IIS/SqlServer install for production ? Will eZPublish be twice slower ? 3 times ? a thousand times slower ? Is there any crash issue ? is there any vulnerability issue ? Thanks for your help ... (i searched on the forum and did not find anything recent)

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Thursday 10 April 2014 10:30:44 am


For development, I use daily Apache/Mysql on windows 7. Speed is fine to very good, if you know your windows well enough (no antivirus, ssd is king, etc, disable xdebug and enable opcache or apc when not debugging, etc...)

I can not voice for IIS+wincache installation speed, but it should not be too different, at least for development. For prod, I only believe what I test (esp. with eZ, where quality of development can make or break a site).

You will of course be running on an unsupported platform:

- no official config files for IIS, only a few unofficial ones (you can find them in the forums)

- less knowledgeable people available to give you answers on the forums

- higher risk of hitting corner cases (eg. when eZ calls cli tools such as imagemagick, which it does in at least 3 different ways)

- only Legacy Stack is officially supported on windows, eZ5 introduced a few more requirements and warts with windows (eg. a stash bug which was fixed upstream only very recently, plus there is no official memcache binary on windows!)

- big problem with SQLServer: only supported via a community extension on Legacy, not at all on New Stack. I'd recommend a recent mysql build (it's extra easy to install mysql 5.6 on windows)


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