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eZ publish 3 Install on Mac OS X v10.1.3

eZ publish 3 Install on Mac OS X v10.1.3

Friday 27 June 2003 8:35:42 am - 2 replies

I am trying to get eZ publish 3 running on an iMac running OS X 10.1.3 with 288 MB RAM and a 4 GB HD. The OS comes with Apache as part of it's installation, but I don't have the version on it right now.

There's a lot of info on OS X Jaguar in the forums, but little concerning the previous version, v10.1. Has anyone information on which php, MySQL, Apache, and/or ImageMagick packages have been ported for that version of the Mac OS and that will work with eZ publish 3?

I've been to and that site says that it's packages will not work with OS X v10.1. Has anyone confirmed that Liyanage's packages are indeed backwards compatible with v10.1.3? Or is there another site where I could get compatible ports of eZ publish's support apps?

Also, if anyone has had a successful install on this OS, do you have any notes or tips on problems you overcame, a detailed HOWTO, perhaps?

I appreciate having this kind of a resource available and am eager to get eZ publish up and running.

Michael Gross
michael.gross @
Minneapolis, MN USA

Friday 27 June 2003 8:59:14 pm

Hi Michael,
First of all, you need to make sure all software are running fine, this includes PHP, MySQL and Apache.

Now, PHP does run on MacOS X (10.1.x) read the line where it says:
"If you need a version that runs on 10.1.x, the older 4.2.2 version is still available." (eZ publish 3 runs on this version). More info here:

MySQL 3.23.x and 4.x also runs on MacOS X (10.1.x). Here is the info:
If you need MySQL to run at start-up automatically, you need to install this package: (Recommended).

If you have problems running PHP or MySQL on MacOS X, go to the user forums for additional help.

After everything is installed and running I would read eZ publish user's manual. I personally recommend reading it first before you start installing it.

Also visit and read all sections, so you start getting familiar with ez publish (2.2 and 3.x).

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Let us know...

good luck..


Modified on Friday 27 June 2003 9:02:55 pm by geovanni rosetto

Saturday 28 June 2003 10:58:52 am

Many thanks, Geo, for your DETAILED reply. Mr. Lyanage had emailed me that he no longer supported OS X v10.1, so I quit looking on his site. With your specific info, I feel like I'm getting somewhere.

I've started the downloads and will continue to post here concerning my progress.

michael.gross @


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